Letter from Nick to those longing for a child
(You can find this at the end of the book)

Dear Friend,

In the midst of the ache that you are feeling right now I pray that you will see the Creator’s hand upon your life, His arms around you and His comforting touch. I know that at the moment the entire World seems to revolve around having a baby, I know that the feeling is crushing and life seems unbearable. When the ache is intense and the tears flow it seems that laughter will never return and brokenness consumes but in that ache there is a loving God who cares. There is one who will consume with a new passion, there is one who knows every tear shed, every thought, every hearts desire and every cry that you utter.

He longs to meet you right where you are at – He longs to meet you whether you are in joy or whether you are in despair. He craves to be with you, He longs to be with you, He loves the times that you spend together. Call on His name, praise this awesome God, be in His presence and be surprised once again with all that He has done for you. Our God is not a distant God, He is near at hand, His fountain of grace and healing oil are always there for you. When you are desperate, aching and you just want to collapse, then fall at the feet of the supreme Lover, of the Healer God and let Him minister afresh His love and grace into your life. When healing never seems that it will come, stand firm with a determination that is not fired by desires or stubbornness but that is fired from a confidence in Almighty God and His Holy Spirit dwelling within you.

Whether this road is long or short, whether there is an answer, a wait or a question mark look to Him, let your delight be in Him, love His Word, gaze upon His beauty, be amazed at His wonders and enjoy knowing Him as well as being known by Him.

Dear friend, “when hope is lost call Him Saviour when pain surrounds call Him Healer”.

In Jesus,


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