..explodes with full-on emotions...

This book is an honest, down-to-earth story of a journey through the pain of childlessness - frustration in the efforts of overcoming this ache and an eventual coming to terms with life as it is, rather than the way we want or expect it to be.

Malcolm and Nick, who share the writing of this story, have done so, not out of a sense of bravado, but simply because by doing so, they hope they might help others in similar circumstances.

It certainly meets a need, in an age when babies are produced or aborted on demand - sometimes easily available to those who don't want them, but denied to those who desperately long for them.

This story is not a pious, meek acceptance of the status quo, but explodes with full-on emotions of the ache of unfulfilled expectations and interestingly, from both the male and female perspectives. Although comparatively few of us have had to face this particular set of circumstances, most, if not all could identify with the emotions of anger, pain and despair so honestly explained here. Through many Biblical parallels, the book shows that although this story does not have the “happily ever after” ending we always hope for, it reveals the power of trust in a God who teaches us that our future is assured and that the ultimate ending is happy for those who believe.

“It's OK to Cry” is an apt title, because believe me, you will!

Fiona Castle

A gem of a book...

This is a gem of a book on a vital theme in the contemporary world today. Malcolm and Nick face the stresses of childlessness and the loss of their first baby with remarkable honesty and vulnerability. Alongside that another strong emphasis of this helpful volume is its relevant unpacking of Biblical passages and its unashamed focus on praising God whatever - even in the toughest times. There are also many practical 'signposts' of the kind of experiences people face on this tough road. Knowing this couple personally means that I can say that they have worked this out, and still are, in the furnace of everyday life. Like Job they've learnt how to “sing in the dark”!...I would gladly give a copy to couples wrestling with these issues, or indeed their families, friends and church leaders.

Andrew Whitman
Pastor for training and evangelism
Bournemouth Community Church

..a very honest book...a great deal of courage to write

Having known Malcolm for almost 30 years, and more recently Nick, I count it a great privilege to recommend this book to you. It's a very honest book, a book that has taken a great deal of courage to write. It does not gloss over the heartbreak nor hide their vulnerability. It does show how they met with God through all the difficulties and distress. This book will enrich your lives as you seek God in your search for answers, as you come to realize that “It's OK to Cry”.

Patricia Grant

UK Directors Office
CLC - Christian Literature Crusade

Why no baby, Lord?

No man can know the almost physical pain of not having a longed-for baby or share the resulting heartache that can drag on for years. So God bless Mrs Nick Cameron for letting us glimpse her trauma and sharing so much wisdom at the same time. She touches on self-worth, on marriage strengths, on depression, suicidal thoughts and closure after miscarriage. But through the long, dark years she constantly sees the light, yes, sometimes dimly, of hope and peace in an almighty, eternal God and Saviour. Anyone who cares for another human being should read her story.

Colin Reeves

Chairman, Through the Roof Charitable Trust.
Founder of Woman Alive magazine.

..a moving and startlingly real account..

This book is summed up for me in the words, 'I am classed by the medical profession as infertile, I am classed by society as childless, I am classed by God as a daughter - a son, an heir, precious, treasured, dearly loved.' Here is a moving and startlingly real account of one couple's struggle with deep pain and disappointment, and of the faith on which they draw to see them through. It is written for the sake of other couples like them and deserves to be widely recommended.

Dr Nigel G. Wright
Principal, Spurgeon’s College, London

...great help to those facing similar situations...

The Christian life is often described as a battle; at the end of his life the apostle Paul could say “I have fought the good fight of faith.” The battle takes on different dimensions for each one of us.

In this book we catch a glimpse of the 'ups and downs' and the 'highs and lows' of one couple grappling with the painful issue of infertility. They have had to wrestle with ethical issues, face doubts, fears, anger, misunderstandings and have seen their hopes dashed. Through it all they have been upheld by a gracious God 'who stores our tears in a bottle' (Psalm 56 v 8).

The book deals honestly with all that has been faced in their relationship both with each other and with God. Because of this it will be of great help to those facing similar situations and those seeking to offer pastoral care.

Roger Gadsden
Director of Ministries, London City Mission

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