So why have we written this book?

Well firstly it isn't because we are qualified to, it isn't because we are better than anyone else - it is simply because we saw a need. When we first discovered that we had trouble conceiving I searched for a Christian book that would help, I found a handful and read them. They all had different points that helped us but none of them scratched where we itched! One book was far too scientific on the process of conception, one was very helpful but didn't point us to the Lord (which is what we needed) and one left us aching that we couldn't have children, numb and unable to find God in our situation. We wanted someone to be real with us; someone who had tasted of the same valley but who could also reassure us that they knew God was there with them in that valley! So this is simply our story, things that we have struggled with, this is our story warts and all - if you pick this book up hoping to find that everything is rosy and wonderful, it isn't! This book will give you a taste of what we coped with during the years of infertility and how we managed all the things that came hand in hand with those years, it will take you through the story of our miscarriage and the task of piecing our lives back together afterwards and it will take you to the places where we have met God in our heartache and have come out the other side stronger in Him. Don't think that this book was written on a whim this book is our history, it has not been written all at once it has been written over years - nearly seven to be exact!

It has been written in the midst of the struggles and took an unexpected turn when we conceived naturally and then miscarried, we have been honest and real so you will see as you read the highs and the lows but hopefully you will also see that the Lord has carried us, made us stronger in Him, strengthened our marriage and has picked us up when we have fallen.

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